Every beauty entrepreneur feels frustrated as some point starting their own beauty product business.

Maybe you are aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you want to avoid the pitfalls others have made? I am here to help take away some of that pain and save you time and money. I’m here to support you, collaborate with you and teach you how to avoid mistakes others make, giving you have more time to focus on building the beauty business of your dreams.


Who am I?

My name is Lauren Casgren-Tindall. I am Principal & Creative Director of Creme de Mint design. I have been creating powerful designs over the past 15 years for companies such as Avon, Victoria’s Secret, Bliss and as an international design consultant for clients in Australia, the Caribbean, the UK, and the Netherlands. I primarily design branding and packaging specializing in the beauty industries and have been awarded for my package design and branding from PRINT, HOW International Design Awards, Graphic Design USA Magazine, Core 77, and 2 ADDYs from the American Advertising Federation.

Why I started “Launch my Beauty Product”?

Feeling frustrated about where to begin on starting my own product line, I started an entrepreneur group for entrepreneurs. Through this I began helping entrepreneurs with their packaging. I really enjoyed helping entrepreneurs succeed, but I also watched many entrepreneurs fail. That was painful to watch and it inspired me to want to help.

I noticed many entrepreneurs didn’t know what steps to take next. Where to spend their time, money and resources. Learning from their struggles, I began helping new clients to find solutions. I began consulting with my clients on how to do everything from branding (my specialty) to helping them source their packaging to finding manufacturers…and a process for launching a beauty product began to unfold.

Want to avoid the pitfalls other entrepreneurs make? Maybe you are tired of wasting your time and spending money spinning your wheels. Sign up for our Launch my Beauty Product Courses to learn avoid the pitfalls and I’ll teach you my step by step method to launching your beauty product business of your dreams.