Course Syllabus

INTRODUCTION: Meet the Instructor

Intro: What You Will Learn in This Course
Worksheet: Your Beauty Brand Business Plan

Lesson 1: Do You Have What it Takes to Launch a Beauty Brand?
Checklist: Do You Have What it Takes?

MODULE 1: Building Your Foundation

Lesson 2: Budgeting for your beauty business
Business Budget Template
Worksheet: Startup Costs
Worksheet: Sales Projections
42 Dubonnet Monthly Expenses

Lesson 3: Getting funding
Resource: Funding Your Business
Resource: Funding Sources Snapshot

Lesson 4: Setting up your company
Resource: Helpful Links to Set up Your Company
Resource: Trade Organizations

Lesson 5: Starting with a co-founder
Interview Questions for Co-founders

Lesson 6: Setting up your team
Worksheet: Roles & Responsibilities in Your Business
Interview Questions for Interns

Lesson 7: Making an exit strategy for your business
Worksheet: Planning an Exit Strategy

MODULE 2: Finding Your Niche

Lesson 8: Create your customer personas
Worksheet: Defining Your Niche: Customer Personas

Lesson 9: Learn how to research and analyze your competitors
Worksheet: Competitor Research
Worksheet: Competitor Pricing

Lesson 10: What makes you unique?
Worksheet: What Makes you Unique?
Worksheet: Your Niche in a Nutshell – needs image from lesson

Lesson 11: Name your business
Worksheet: Naming Your Business

Lesson 12: Trademark your business name
Resource: Trademarking

MODULE 3: Design and Branding

Lesson 13: Write your brand story
Worksheet: Designing Your Brand Story

Lesson 14: Create a mood board
Link to Canva
Link to (shown on a slide)

Lesson 15: Create your brand language
Worksheet: Writing Your Brand Language

MODULE 4: Manufacturing Your Products

Lesson 16: How to create a beauty product line that sells
Worksheet: Competitor Research Products
Worksheet: Product Mix

Lesson 17: Manufacturing paths for your beauty business
Worksheet: Questions for Chemists
Worksheet: Private label, semi-custom formula, and custom formula compared side by side

Lesson 18: Manufacturing beauty products 101
Manufacturer Research Template
Resource: Manufacturer List
Worksheet: Cost & Profits
Cost & Profit Analysis Example
Worksheet: Before you Talk to Manufacturers
Worksheet: Questions for Manufacturers
Resource: The Manufacturing Process

Lesson 19: Finding your packaging components
Primary Packaging Resource List
Outer Packaging Resource List
Resource: Certifications
Packaging Guidelines
Checklist: Hiring a Designer

MODULE 5: Marketing

Lesson 20: Choosing a distribution channel for your products
Resource: Distribution Channels
Resource: Marketing Channels
Resource: Marketing Resource List
Resource: Fulfillment Options

Lesson 21: Selling wholesale
Resource: Catalog/Linesheet Checklist
Resource: Article about displays
Resource: Trade Show Budget Template
Resource: Trade Show Directory
Resource: Wholesale Sell Sheet Example
Resource: Wholesale Order Form Example
Resource: Wholesale Application for Net 30
Resource: Wholesale terms for wholesalers with no other wholesale relationships
Resource: Wholesale Pricing and Definite Terms
Worksheet: Barcodes
Cold Calling Script

Lesson 22: Your beauty brand launch plan
Resource: Social Media Marketing
Social Media Launch Post Examples
Resource: Swipe File for Sharing Your Business With Friends and Family
Worksheet: Event Budget
Launch Plan – Template and Example
Link to Social Media Templates in Canva

Lesson 23: Set up your business online
Resource: Setting up Your Business Online

Lesson 24: Email marketing

Lesson 25:  Online marketing
Editorial Calendar Template
Sample Editorial Calendar

Lesson 26 : Public Relations (PR)
PR Pitch Template
Sample Pitches That Work

Closing Thoughts